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First personal contact

After the first contact has been initiated we would like to invite you to visit us in our workshop. The way how and where we work is relevant to understand the quality we try to deliver to our customers. Understanding who we are will build your trust in our competence.

Allready on our first meeting we can give you a budget frame for your project.

From the idea to the result

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Why is craft sustainable


Efficient and a sensible use of resources such as materials, fuel and time requires experience, material knowledge and strong skills in craftsmanship.


The nature of forging is to shape the material, with that just a minimum of material gets lost in the process. All Ferro materials we use are up to 99% recycled. In addition we avoid scrap and try to find for every cut off or left over an additional use.


We design and produce our work beyond our own life time. That will extend the lifecycle of our work into the next generation, with the hope that the future generation evaluate the work as worth preserving and maybe seen as an antique. All parts of our work that will have wear, are designed that it can be repaired.

Sustainable craft

Have a project? We're here to help you create it.

Company Info

Artist Blacksmith since 1963

In second generation.

Mastery in Metal Craft

Contact Info

Kronengasse 6, 72124 Pliezhausen

+49 7127 88595


9am - 6 pm monday / saturday

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